Starting a Cleaning Business – How to Prepare For Starting Your Business

Starting a Cleaning Business - How to Prepare For Starting Your Business

If you are looking to start a house cleaning business, the first thing you need to do is come up with a house cleaning business plan. A house cleaning business plan is made up of at least two pages that will be used to pitch your house cleaning business to potential customers. These two pages are called a Brochure and a Business Plan. To get an idea of what a cleaning business plan should look like, view these sample house cleaning business plans for general cleaning services, office cleaning, residential cleaning, maid services, and commercial cleaning.

Startup Costs  

The first thing you need to include in your house cleaning business plan is your startup costs. Include everything from the start-up materials (folders, mop, broom, cleaning products, etc.) to your utilities (electricity, phone, internet, etc.) Start-up costs typically range from one to three thousand dollars, depending on your chosen market, the size of your establishment, and the number of employees you will have on staff.

Make Sure To Include Your Target Market

This means knowing who you will be cleaning for (i.e., your local home improvement store, a local restaurant, local church, etc.). As this is a critical element of your house cleaning business plan, make sure you know exactly who you are targeting. You will also want to target individuals of a certain age, household income level, gender, or ethnicity.

Once you know your market, it is time to make your financial projections. This is where you will most likely break down your expenses. This should include all of your startup costs as well as daily operating costs (i.e., water, gas, electricity, etc.) Make sure to take into account any supplies you will be purchasing as well as any materials needed for completing your assignment. Estimate how long it will take to get your start-up house cleaning business up and running. Some cleaning business owners choose to take as long as four months to get their business up and running before they provide the financial projection.

Social Media Accounts

Your social media accounts, websites, and online advertising should all be accounted for during your startup costs. Social media is a great way to attract new customers, keep current customers aware of special sales or promotions, and announce specials (such as coupons or reduced rates). Websites such as Facebook and MySpace allow you to display pictures and videos of your work, post schedules and specials, and track customer service reviews. Popular social media outlets include Twitter and YouTube. Since most people search these websites before searching the home page of a search engine, your startup costs for online advertising will likely be minimal.


A well-organized plan will give you a head start on your startup. Your plan will cover everything from when you will begin to clean to the types of cleaning you will provide. You can choose to focus on general domestic or commercial properties. Be sure to research the competition in your area and be prepared to win over the best cleaners using your unique selling proposition.