Need a Business Plan? Helpful Tips on What to Look For in a Business Plan Company

Need a Business Plan? Helpful Tips on What to Look For in a Business Plan Company

Business plans have taken on so many levels, and with business being so fast-paced, investors simply have to keep up. There are government departments (such as the SBA) that prepare start-ups and small businesses to take on business proposals, and in a corporate setting, budding entrepreneurs have their concept or potential venture laid to rest until after business hours. But for some individuals, whether it is to enhance their business/blueprint plan, or to undertake a specific element of the business plan, finding the right business plan company to write their plan can be an undertaking in and of itself.

Many companies are offering this brand of service and their line of expertise is usually from management consulting to business writing and consultation as well. If you would like to contact a consultant, you may follow any of the suggestions below. By implementing any of the bullets below, you can discover for yourself or your organization a business plan company that can deliver a document just as you expect it to be – to get you funded.

  • Verify plan company credentials online through business directories
  • Locate blogs and forums discussing plan topics
  • Peruse plan company websites – how dated is their website, how relevant is their content
  • Ask for references and samples from plan companies
  • Be prepared – have your plan draft, concept, or eureka moment handy when you start the planning process
  • Lastly, be prepared with funding statistics that plan companies provide – plan are only as strong as their pitchmen (woman) – increase your probability by getting out there and selling your professional plan

Be cognizant of, business plans can take more than 2 weeks to develop, and you have to ensure that your expected final deliverable are met in a timely fashion. Discuss all pertinent information with the consultants and make sure deadlines are followed. As these services have a contract agreement for only an explicit and limited time, they must deliver results on time. Some independent consultants can offer you the same service, but typically these individuals follow a routine template and might be juggling your business plan, a full-time job, and graduate school. Lastly, in these economic times, it may not pay to be frugal, certainly when it comes to getting your venture funded – put it this way. A business plan from a professional company can cost anywhere from $2,000USD to $5,000USD – shelling out this cash is a drop in the bucket if you are to be financed for $500,000USD – food for thought.

Look for more articles from me regarding business plans, market research, or funding your venture, current company, or start-up. Also be sure to first talk to your small business development center in your community, if you are new to the business plan process – This is funded101 signing out.