Autoresponder & Landing Page For Business

Autoresponder & Landing Page For Business

The very first steps of any online marketer’s/business careers need to be to get an AUTORESPONDER service and a LANDING page. We’ll cover the two subjects in more detail below.


What? An Autoresponder is an automatic mail machine, i.e. it sends out predefined mails, inside the intervals you define, to a set of recipients.

Example: You have a mailing list of 100 recipients. You have 20 written mails you like to send your recipients, starting with mail 1 now, mail 2 in 2 days, mail 3 in 10 days, mail 4 in 11 days, etc, etc..

Why? The reasons for having an autoresponder service are a lot, but we just list the most crucial ones;

– You build your list of leads. Quite a few programs have autoresponders built in them, but if they close or for any reason vanish, ALL your leads will vanish as well. You have probably heard the phrase “The money is in your list”, and that is certainly absolutely true. Just imagine building a list of several thousand leads/buyers, to lose them because a company shut down. Don’t let that happen, set up your autoresponder service and protect your “gold”.

– You save a lot of time. That is AUTOMATIC and as soon a lead/person subscribes to your list, the predefined emails are getting sent out inside the frequency you have defined. Works like a clock.

– You can send new emails to your list whenever you want. There are no restrictions and if you have valuable info to give your list, just write the mail and send it.

How significantly does it cost? Well, there are distinct services out there, but we recommend Aweber. This is by far the most reputable service out there, and it’s used by thousands of online marketers and businesses. The cost is $19.00 a month (you can also subscribe to a more advanced service at Aweber, but that is more than excellent enough), and it’s worth every penny. Include that in your cost budget.

This a fantastic tool and a MUST have for any networker, online marketer, and online business.


What? Simply put, this can be just a form on a website where a particular person leaves his/her contact details, i.e. name, email address, and maybe telephone number.

Why? All online businesses really should have a place where people can leave their contact information to receive more information and facts. This is the easiest way to get people to ask for more details, and the percentage of doing this instead of writing an email is Significantly higher. The higher percentage you get, the more leads you to get, and finally the more sales you get.

How significantly does it cost? This is free as you just have a form on your webpage, but if you find it difficult you can use some tools or website builders that take you through this step by step.

CONNECT THE LANDING PAGE With all the AUTORESPONDERThis is done very easily, and by adding a code to your or your company’s webpage the connection is made. The subject is thoroughly described at Aweber. By connecting the two, the contact details a person leaves on your landing page is automatically added to your autoresponder mailing list.