3 Tips for Making a Good and Correct Business Contract

3 Tips for Making a Good and Correct Business Contract

An agreement/contract is an important element in a business relationship. If the contract is made carelessly or carelessly, it will be very detrimental to you in the future if a dispute occurs.

There are many business problems that start with good intentions but lead to disputes because business partners do not agree with the contracts they make.

Of course, no one wants to argue, but it cannot be denied that disputes can occur.

Therefore, to prevent disputes, even if there are disputes, it is necessary to make clear and definite rules of the game on how to resolve them.

Therefore, I will share tips on making good and correct business contracts so that you can use them if you want to make any contracts appropriate legal advice litigation with your business partners.

There are at least 3 tips that must be understood as follows:

1. Definitions Must Be Made Clear

The contract usually stipulates the definition of each word. For example, in the buying and selling business, there is regulation on delivery. When an item is deemed to have been delivered or not. It is important that this handover is clearly defined so that each party knows the extent of their responsibilities. If the goods sent are in fact damaged during the trip, whether the damage is the responsibility of the buyer or the seller. Now, this must be made clear.

If the definition is regulated in the contract, it is clear, if there is damage to the goods before being received by the buyer as evidenced by a receipt, then the damage to the goods is still the responsibility of the seller.

This concept also applies to other terms. In essence, every term in the contract must be defined clearly and concretely. Do not let it not, because there will be multiple interpretations of one word, which creates disputes.

2. Choose a Perspective That Benefits Your Position

In making the contract, you must use a perspective/point of view that is favorable to your position.
That is, do not let any articles that are not clear and actually harm your position.
At least make sure the articles in the agreement benefit you or at least do not harm you by the validity of these articles.

3. Dispute Resolution Clauses Must Be Made Clear And Firm

The agreement will find articles related to dispute resolution.

Relationships with each other in society cannot be separated from the Agreement. We often do agreements, for example buying and selling, renting, borrowing and so on.

An agreement between two or more parties gives birth to rights and obligations on each party so that if one party does not fulfill its obligations voluntarily, the other party can seek advice on breach of contract NSW.

Given the importance and strength of the binding power of an agreement, it is not arbitrary to make an agreement, there are conditions that must be fulfilled in order for the agreement to be valid on legal litigation.