What Do You Know About Company Verification?

What Do You Know About Company Verification?

Two years ago, I heard the phrase : online company verification.
It was surprising for me if there would be ways to check out a company online!

I tested and tried some of these automatic and online company verification tools and frankly, they did not satisfy me! But the story doesn’t end here!

Recently I found a company verification service that not only gives me company registration information but also is a great leads finder and contacts extractor and verifier!

In other words, it finds whatever information you like to know about global companies and your potential clients in real-time.
This is why I decided to share my fantastic experience in Covolcano  here!

Covolcano company verification- precise & accurate!

Generally, company verification is the process of checking out a company’s status to see whether it is legitimate or illegal.
Through company verification, you can understand that a company is active, bankrupted, canceled, or liquidated.

Company verification process consists of checking the registration data of companies to see if they are legal and registered or not.
This helps to stop business frauds and scams.

Undoubtedly to know the status of a company before any deal helps us to stop working with unregistered and fake companies.

When I first became familiar with Covolcano, many of my questions were answered: How to check a company is legitimate?
Is it possible to check out a company online?
How to find out if a business is still active?

How to identify fake company websites?
Is U.S. company search possible through a web search?
How to check if a company is good for investment?
How to find a fake company list?
How to check if a business is registered?

How does the Covolcano company verification tool work?

I searched a company name in Covolcano dashboard and a list of companies’ data was shown, many interesting information and contacts!

One part was the registration companies’ data.
It gave me the registration number of the searched company in its country.
At least I understood that it is a registered enterprise, not a fake one or not a bankrupted company.

Other interesting companies; information was demonstrated too that was really helpful and efficient.
I was surprised that through only one website I can get lots of companies; data and there is no need to sign up on different websites and pay lots of money for different services.

Other services of Covolcano

After searching every company name, a page full of companies’ information is demonstrated.
Company registration data is only one part of them.

If I remember them completely, other parts include companies’ logo, website URL, emails, phone numbers, mobile phone numbers of individuals,  companies’ products and services list, address, location on Google map, working hours, and finally their profiles on social media websites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and so on. 

Individual information

Another appealing part of Covolcano is the information it finds about companies employers and employees.
Many times, it happens for me that I prefer to send a message directly to a companys CEO instead of sending an email to the official email address of their company.
Covolcano meets my requirement!

You only need to write the name of the company and the name of the person whose contacts are required and then click on the search button.
The result which consists of the verified emails and mobile phone numbers of that person is showed.

Bulk services of Covolcano!

In the Covolcano dashboard, you see the item of bulk services.
In order to find companies data and contacts of thousands of companies:

  • Just chose the .xlsx excel file of company names in which all company names are written in one column of the file.
  • Then upload the selected file.
  • The next part is to choose the column in which company names are written.
  • After confirming your request, it is started.
  • The results show contacts one by one including emails, profiles in social media, URLs, and phone numbers.

I enjoy the high speed of Covolcano!

To me, one of the most important points about Covolcano is its high speed in converting company names to companies’ data.

Covolcano services are faster than any similar tool and are not comparable with other company verification and data provider services as I had worked with several similar websites.

Only verified companies’ data

Companies’ data provide insight!
It is the foundation on which business stakeholders make decisions!
Business people make decisions across the entire business every day, which means that they need to have access to accurate and real data at every step of their business.

If data accuracy levels are low at companies, the insight will be lacking and the decisions are likely to be poor as a result.
Too much focus only on gathering as much information as possible without thinking about data accuracy has no efficient result.

As mentioned in Covolcano and as my experience has shown me, over 98% of the companies’; information in Covolcano is accurate and this really matters for me. 

Correct contacts increase the speed of business and connect us with real clients faster than competitors.
Also, accurate and reliable company verification saves our company from scammers and fake clients.

Remember that fake companies are like us and seem completely normal!
By simple chat, negotiation, phone conversation, or even face to face meetings, we should not trust new companies.
They must be checked!


I congratulate the designers of Covolcano for this simple and easy to use service that is even helpful for computer illiterate people.
They can easily work with Covolcano company verification and data providing services.

Working with its services is very easy and anyone with a minimum amount of computer knowledge can simply use it.

A complete tutorial is also ready on the Covolcano website which explains the whole process of working with its uncomplicated company verification and data extraction tools.

My father is an experienced old marketer but not very familiar with digital ways of marketing, I introduced Covolcano to him.
It is the simplest way of achieving verified companies’ data online, in real-time, without any error, any latency, and any difficulty!

Finding company information based on various strategies!  

As mentioned in Covolcano, it has a comprehensive offline database of company verification data and business contacts that is being checked at first before any other action. This database is updated daily!

If the requested company was not available in the offline database of Covolcano, then it checks web pages in real-time to detect contacts and company verification data.

However, while the company’s information is in the database, still web search is done as a double check!
All these processes are done within 2 seconds, less than the time you used to read this sentence! 


The prices of Covolcano services are really affordable compared with other competitors.
This amount of money for such high quality and verified companies’ data is really fantastic in my opinion.

All price plans of Covolcano are lifetime.
Covolcano’s company verification and contact extraction services are valid for always!
The lifetime packages of Covolcano help users not to worry about losing their remained requests and use them whenever they need them.

All B2B websites and LinkedIn are checked for contacts!

Covolcano checks web pages as well as LinkedIn pages to extract companies’ information.

LinkedIn was first working as a perfect place to connect job seekers with entrepreneurs and employers but very soon more features were added to it and became a great place to connect companies with each other.

LinkedIn helps companies to communicate and share companies’ information. LinkedIn drives more than 64% of social traffic to B2B sites and is considered the most credible source of content and business contacts!

The final say!

If you are looking for an automatic tool that transforms company names to companies’ data and company verification information, Covolcano, the volcano of verified data is ready for assistance!

Covolcano gets a company name and shows its email addresses, phone numbers, logo, address, location on Google map, website URL, company verification information, profiles on social networking apps, working hours, and list of products and services.

I got all the mentioned companies’ information from Covolcano in any of my searches with no latency and no error, fast and reliable!

In my view, Covolcano has not become the most famous company verification and data provider company tool of the market accidentally.
This follows many reasons I wrote in this paper: high quality, affordable rates, high speed, and so on.  

No need for a digital marketer to check lots of web pages in search of companies’ information and contacts. 
All are achievable in Covolcano with a few simple clicks.
Moreover, company verification has become a simple and reliable task in Covolcano.
Give a company name and get its resume and status!

I do believe that E-marketers have the easiest job in the world if they trust Covolcano!