Small Business Secret: A New Way To Accept Credit Cards

Small Business Secret: A New Way To Accept Credit Cards

Shhhh, this is a small company secret for accepting bank cards you need to know about because…

“We no more take cash.”

Those were the words I have been told by a flight ticket attendant on the business trip 2-3 weeks ago. The flight attendant was giving the cabin info on this list of cocktails available to purchase.

I’m thinking (but said allowed without noticing), “Huh?! Really, who doesn’t take cash?”

We are 10,000 feet in the air; all WiFi-enabled gadgets have reached airplane mode meaning no connection. How will they process a charge card?

To my surprise, the flight attendants were furnished with handheld devices to swipe a credit card that immediately returned an authorization number. NICE.

Guess what!?

Did you understand you as well can accept bank card payments anywhere? There is a new way for businesses to just accept bank cards with no forex account.

Time to Be Square

Square is often a card reader where you can accept credit card payments on any device with the audio input jack.

You guessed it! This includes your cellphone.

It works on the iPhone also on the iPad or iPod Touch as well as on Google Android phones (sidebar: I got a Droid two weeks ago and find it irresistible). Square is made by Jack Dorsey. Yes, the same Jack Dorsey is co-founder of Twitter.

Square lets you start accepting card payments (and money too) anytime everywhere. Square is unique from your free account since there are no contracts, no monthly fees, or hidden costs. You don’t even have to buy the equipment; which can be simply a small mobile card reader device.

Square Greens Your Business

With Square, there is no paper to keep or record to your business or customers.

Using Square you can review track and manage the bucks you might be paid online using their simple, simple to use payments page. All Square transactions; your hard-earned money, bank card purchases, and bank card payments could be accessed securely everywhere you look. You can quickly observe how much you’ve made for the day, organized by tax, payment method, and tips (in the event you accept them). Best of all your computer data could be downloaded in other programs.

All receipts are shipped to your customer’s cellphone and trapped in a well-organized view. Your customers can browse photos of every item they purchased, read descriptions, and share the list web-sites.

How To Get Your Square

If you are ready to have your square (remember it doesn’t amount to a cent to get one) this is what you have to do:

 download the app from iTunes or the Android Market follow the instruction around the app to create an account

Important Square TIPS

You have to be approved to simply accept plastic card payments. You must provide your SSN, DOB and receive a simple background check (identical to your free account) You have to wait for your Square card reader until you are approved You have restrictions on having your money (on account of fraud potential). Limited to the $1000 immediately, $1000 per week then thirty days you will get the remaining. The Square team is working on solutions to raise the limits.

Just like Twitter, Square will be the next big thing for smaller businesses, a great idea is yours now.