Research Insights On How Your Confectionery Company Can Meet Its Sustainable Packaging Goals In 2023

Research Insights On How Your Confectionery Company Can Meet Its Sustainable Packaging Goals In 2023

Sustainability matters a lot to consumers of brands globally, so much so that it is one of the aspects that they consider when choosing a brand. Data gleaned from our 2021 research on the packaging of confectionaries shows that this trend continues to balloon each year. In our latest Webinar, which is available to watch and/or download, we explore how confectionery brands can best communicate their stand on sustainability to consumers through packaging. Further in the webinar, our experts share data and insights as well as recommendations on how to best promote and articulate sustainability through packaging.

As it is, customers are looking for brands that understand as well as cater for their needs. To better understand brands, consumers are taking a more in-depth look at the packaging on their desired products. Research shows that around 19% of consumers are willing to pay much more for a product and even change loyalty from another brand if they think that they are acquiring a more environmentally friendly product.

Since the start of the pandemic, the purchase behaviours of consumers have changed dramatically. In European countries particularly Germany, France, and Spain, more customers are focusing on acquiring sustainable products. This means that more and more customers are looking for products that have been healthily and hygienically packed. Further customers also want brands and product retailers to use and promote the use of sustainable packaging solutions.

Despite many customers in countries such as Spain and Germany saying that they are looking for more ways to save money when shopping, between 24% and 26% of these consumers also say that they are still open to the idea of forking out more cash if they think that they are purchasing a product that is packed in an environmentally friendly way. This just goes on to show why your company should adopt the sustainability mindset when packaging your products.

Key Thing To Know: What Do Consumers Look for When Buying Confectionery?

In April of 2021, Amcor carried out an extensive research study across five distinct European markets with a view of gaining an understanding on how consumers react to confectionery packaging. At the heart of the study, researchers wanted to understands exactly how buyers want chocolate and sweets packaging to be inside and out, and, how brands can respond. The findings of the research are fully covered in the Webinar that we mentioned earlier on in the article.

Below are a few insights that we have extrapolated from the webinar…

#1: Consumers Will Almost Always Choose Items in Sustainable Packaging

According to the study, consumers across all markets covered indicated that they would buy chocolate bars that are contained in sustainable packaging materials over those that are covered with standard plastics.

This was mostly apparent in the UK, Italy, and France where the use of bio-based plastic packaging (sourced from sugarcane) have a greater impact on the appeal, perceived brand trust and purchasing intent for the consumer. In fact, the study shows that the respondents in all countries consider paper packaging as the best packaging material since it is least harmful to the environment.

#2: Consumers Want Clear and Concise Information on Packaging Materials

For prospective consumers to make informed decisions when making a purchase, they like for brands to provide clear communiques on the sustainability of the packaging materials that they use. The reason why customers want brands to be more specific is the fact the market has many sustainability claims, logos, and symbols, some of which are misleading.

The study showed that consumers believe that product brands have the responsibility of articulating the sustainability practices that they employ in packaging. The study showed that many of the official logos found on packaging materials do not resonate as well with consumers compared with direct statements from the brand which help create a positive reception. For example, the study found that words such as “recyclable” and “bio-based” appealed widely to consumers.

#3: There Are Upcoming Regulatory Changes Across the EU

The need for brands to use sustainable packaging materials is also driven by the recent guidelines issued by the European Commission which are designed to promote the use of recyclable packaging materials while reducing the use of virgin plastics for packaging purposes by 2030. In our webinar, we explore current and upcoming sustainable packaging solutions for confectionery brands looking to venture into more sustainable packaging.

If your company or brand wants to learn more of the insights garnered from our research into the expectations and perceptions of confectionery consumers as well as the available packaging solutions that can help you meet these expectations, you can watch our on-demand webinar which was hosted by Amcor-based experts in confectionery packaging Sarah Schoorl and Manon Dupre.