Joining The Podcasting World Is a Fun Way To Share Passions With The Rest Of The World, Says Peter Foxhoven

Joining The Podcasting World Is a Fun Way To Share Passions With The Rest Of The World, Says Peter Foxhoven

DES MOINES, IOWA, December 21, 2021 — Getting into the podcasting world is one way to share interests, thoughts and ideas with others around the globe. Many podcasters focus on voice-only shows, though some also video their podcast for channels like YouTube. Peter Foxhoven is the Director of New Business Development at Advantage Administrators. He spends his free time as a guest speaker on podcasts, like the Appendix N Podcast. On those episodes, he covers topics like the life of Conan the Barbarian and other adventurous fiction tales.

In recent comments, Peter Foxhoven explained how podcasters can get started with their own shows.

Choose Your Niche

First of all, podcasters need to have a topic they are going to cover. Topics that are too niche may limit your ability to produce content and audience size, Peter Foxhoven says. However, not choosing a topic will make it hard to cater to an audience and find your personal brand.

Find Your Audience

Those interested in podcasting will need to find their audience and market their podcast to them. “The internet is too saturated with content to have a ‘build it and they will come’ mentality,” he notes. “You have to be very intentional with creating and marketing your content. Becoming a guest speaker on a relevant podcast is one way to start getting your name in your audience’s ears.”

Get the Right Equipment

Podcasting is less saturated than blogging and doesn’t require as much equipment as vlogging. Peter Foxhoven says the mic is one of the first things a podcaster needs to get. While many professional podcasters have nice mics, a beginning podcaster can get one for less than $50. He recommends getting a budget podcasting mic because it is still far superior to the built-in computer or device mics.

Along with purchasing a mic, podcasters need to use an editing software and choose a podcasting host. There are free options for both tools; though, he warns podcasters to make sure they retain rights to their work regardless of the hosting site they use. A good editing software will allow you to remove any interruptions or segments you don’t like, including accidental “um” s, coughs, long pauses or throat clearing.

Move Past the Pressure

One of the worst things a podcaster can do to themselves is overthink their start. Peter Foxhoven says indecision often kills inspiration and pushes away opportunity. He encourages anyone interested to give podcasting a shot and run with it. “You never know what you are capable of until you try,” Foxhoven states. “You may be nervous about being recorded, but it’s a lot of fun once you get the ball rolling. So, don’t overthink it—just go out and do it.”