The Merits and Demerits of Franchise in Government

The Merits and Demerits of Franchise in Government

The limited franchise has many demerits and a number of disadvantages. First, most of the voters are illiterate and lack political awareness. Second, the involvement of a large number of people in voting encourages unqualified candidates and violent polling. And third, the government formed through unlimited franchise has mediocre outlook. In fact, it may even be corrupt. Then, there are costs involved in traveling to franchisees in distant places.

Limited franchise is prone to corruption

The limited franchise system in government is prone to corruption because few people are eligible to vote and can therefore be easily bribed. This makes elections less democratic and the choice of a representative less representative of popular will. When limited franchise is adopted, a large percentage of eligible voters are unaware of their representative, which means that the representative is an imposed figure on the disenfranchised. In addition, limited franchise systems often end in a ban on the appointment of former politicians or the appointment of certain categories of public officers.

Business expenditures are set by the franchisor

The franchisor sets the rules and regulations for your business, including the hours you work, employee uniforms, advertising and bookkeeping procedures, and more. Your franchise agreement may also require you to purchase supplies and advertise from an approved supplier, which may reduce your profits. Your franchisor may also require you to buy certain types of supplies at discounted prices. Some businesses may be unable to afford these costs.

Lack of education in politics could be a hindrance to democracy

In today’s increasingly polarized political climate, lack of civic education has become a serious problem, making democracy more difficult to sustain. Education helps citizens think critically and consider a wide range of views before making a decision. The deteriorating quality of public education in the United States …

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